Together, We Can Inspire Change

After 12 weeks, I have finished reading The Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Alison Fine. What I have learned is that nonprofits volunteers and donors are crucial to the organizations. They are what drive the organization’s mission.

In Chapter 8, Fine and Kanter talk about the significance of working in crowds. Through social media, organizations are able to build and strengthen large groups of people for a low price. Through the power of social media, organizations are able to reach, influence and engage people. Working as a group has many benefits such cost efficiency and time-saving.


“..Crowdsourcing is a marriage between professionals and volunteers who have the goodwill and passion to work together to benefit an entire community.”

The 1:10:100 rule demonstrates the power of social media, where for every one person who creates content, ten share it and 100 view it. It is important for nonprofits to not loose site that their donors and volunteers are people too. They are not our clients but our partners. We must remember to be grateful for their support and furthermore, share stories of who they have helped. Stories can often empower and strengthen connections between the public and the organization.

So what is the networked nonprofit? It is about being transparent, being simple, listening, engaging and building relationships.

Overall review: I think this book is great for those who are just dipping their toes into the nonprofit sector (such as myself). It is an easy read, where every chapter has a ‘real life’ example of the lesson. As social media becomes more embedded in our every day lives, Kanter and Fine provides great insight on how nonprofits can leverage this platform to their advantage. I would highly recommend this book!

To read the book online for free, click here.

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