Do You Trust Nonprofits?

One of the biggest challenges nonprofits are faced with is ability to allocate money in the most effective and resourceful way possible. Nonprofits rely heavily on donations in order to run the organization, but do you know where your donor dollars are going?

Why does this employee make so much money? I don’t want my donations going to this cause! Stop wasting money on mail outs!

As someone who overlooks the national public inquiries mailbox for a nonprofit, these are some of the common concerns that donors have. It is important for donors to know how much of every dollar of their donation is actually going to the cause. A great way to find out is through Charity Intelligence. The website ranks over 650 charities based on factors such as donor accountability, financial transparency, needs funding and cost-efficiency.


Transparency aids in organizational accountability. Nonprofits need to engage honestly and openly with the public and their employees. When organizations are transparent, they are able to gain more trust and have a higher chance of becoming life-long donors. Whether it is sharing negative or positive statistics, it allows the public gain insights of the realities that nonprofits face on a daily basis. Rather than try to cover things up, organizations must help donors understand what is going on.

As Fine and Kanter write, “Transparency is not a buzzword or a system; it is a way of thinking and being for organizations”.

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