Should Nonprofits Use Social Media?


In the age of digital era, the use of social media has almost become habitual. For some, this platform of communication is part of their day-to-day lifestyle. It is important that non-profits use social platforms to harness the power and influence that is has on users.

For those working in a non-profit environment, you understand that every dollar you have is a dollar you need to stretch. Unlike typical marketing campaigns that can cost up to million of dollars, social media can reach a large audience with less money. Social media can also help create positive change in relationships among people inside and outside of the organization. Social platforms allows people outside of the organization to engage in a two-way conversation about the work of the organization. This allows organizations the chance to correct any misconceptions the public may have about them. For myself, I work for an organization that many people claim that are against the LGBTQ+ community where in fact, the organization helps anyone who comes through our doors.

Some organizations may also have hesitations in using social media platforms. They fear that their mistakes will be tracked and stored to use against them. However, we must train our staff and trust them to share ideas and talk about the work of the organization with the public.


Social media allows for organizations to connect with the public on a deeper level. Rather than using it to cram CTA’s down people’s throats, we must use these platforms to create meaningful relationships that turn into life-long donors and advocates. Organizations must listen to users and turn their suggestions in to actions.

As Kanter and Fine writes, “Whether a nonprofit organization refuses to change or is stuck in transition, however, the reality is that organizations have no choice but to change”.

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