Volunteers: The Hand and Feet of Your Mission.

Nonprofits do great things. They inspire social change and strive to make a positive impact in the communities around us. It can be easy to be lost in the number and message and forget about those who help drive nonprofits.
After reading the first three chapters of Beth Kanter and Alison Fine’s book, she reminds readers that volunteers and free agents help raise awareness and advocate your mission. With the rise of social media, these free agents have a new platform that can amplify your message from online to offline. Social media allows people to create their own stories and share them with their friends. We mustn’t ignore these free agents but embrace them and social media and let it work in favour of the organization.

“Social Media Powers Social Networks for Social Change”


Free agents can be allies and amazing influencers who can attract large numbers of people to support your cause. If NFP harnesses this relationship, they are able to inform people who are passionate about your cause.

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